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There are many reasons to seek out the counsel of an experienced attorney like Clare Keijer at her DeLand law office. As the nation recovers from a significant recession, the aftermath has resulted in many good Floridians feeling the impact. More and more Americans are coming to grips with a notion that's hard to swallow: We simply cannot control everything.

Keijer can help you determine the best course of action for you and your family. Many of the clients who work with Keijer and her DeLand law office are good people who have fallen onto hard times.  Keijer Law assists clients in a number of settings, although their main areas of practice are as a bankruptcy attorney, tax attorney, cases involving agricultural trust laws and helping clients with living wills or estate planning. 

Additionally, Keijer offers credit counseling. Don't let past mistakes or uncontrollable events haunt you forever. Damage to your credit score can last for years, sometimes decades. You may be disqualified for loans, continuing education, assistance, or pay too much in interest as a result of poor credit. Keijer's DeLand law office can assist you in addressing and possibly resolving the things that are dragging down your credit. 

Of course, not everyone's need for an attorney is as voluntary. If you are being contacted by the IRS and are concerned about issues with your taxes or haven't filed a tax return in several years, you may need the advice and representation of a qualified tax attorney for tax debt relief.  

Additionally, it's imperative that you update your living wills and consult an attorney for Florida estate planning. In the event of an untimely death, the last thing your family needs is confusion and fighting during the time they're mourning the loss of loved one. Give them the peace of mind of knowing that you have already made plans for their protection prior to death. It eliminates worry from all ends and allows clients to enjoy the best years of their lives. 

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