Florida Agricultural Trust Lawyers

Fresh Vegetables

Sellers and buyers of consumable agricultural products will at some point need the assistance of skilled Florida Agricultural Trust Lawyers. Sellers that consult legal advice from lawyers with experience in PACA and agricultural trust laws can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your credit department while minimizing the exposure that may result due to bad debt or other credit related losses. Keijer Law's PACA attorneys are well versed with the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act and have experience in handling cases of this nature.  For buyers, PACA can assist you in any legal event that arises from agricultural trust laws or regulatory compliance issues. Since each case is different, it is recommended that you have a consultation with Keijer Law for legal advice on your case.

PACA Laws Defined

It is imperative that you should familiarize yourself with the definition of PACA and why it is important. The PACA laws came into force to ensure that fair trading practices are undertaken in the market of fresh fruits and vegetables. The laws aids dealers to receive the correct amount of money in respect to what they have paid for or receive the same on what they have sold. This also includes when the customer is financially broke or refuses to pay for the agricultural products. In order to secure yourself it is necessary to obtain a PACA license, and for this professional Florida Agricultural Trust Lawyers at Keijer Law can guide you through the process and help answer any legal questions. 

To explain further, a PACA license is a must have and the law requires you to have one. This license acts as a proof that you are serious about your business to your customers as well as suppliers and can be trusted based upon the contract laid down between the parties. Furthermore, it also helps in resolving any conflicts that may arise between the parties. Therefore, if you are in the business of perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables then you must get your business a PACA license. In addition to this, the amendment made to PACA laws enables a license holder to issue their debtors with notice on what is owed by them. If however, they refuse to pay they can be held liable and can be produced in court. This why many Florida Agricultural Trust Lawyers are now helping individuals get what is rightfully theirs in terms of money in regards to agricultural products. Having a lawyer who is well versed in PACA trust laws is essential to helping you win your case.

Agribusiness in Florida

The Agricultural industry in Florida is flourishing and many industries are involved in the production of oranges, grapefruits, tangerine, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, watermelons and many other perishable fruits and vegetables. However, even though Florida ranks number one in the production of such consumer goods, industries are not far from violating the PACA trust laws. Bankruptcy is common and buyers are left with no goods in exchange for items they have already paid for. This is why Florida Agricultural Trust Lawyers with experience in handling PACA cases can help buyers who are left stranded by sellers who have folded up shop and left town. There have been recent cases involving PACA laws, for example, Tomato Thyme Corporation was brought before the Middle District Court in Florida for Violation the PACA Trust. This happens to companies of all sizes and is not limited to large corporations or small business owners.

Therefore, if you have been victim of the violation of the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act and are looking for experienced Florida Agricultural Trust Lawyers to represent you then contact Keijer Law today. With vast experience and knowledge in the field of PACA Trust Laws, the firm can guide and provide you with in-depth information regarding the importance of PACA laws and what a PACA lawyer can do for you.